Kinan International Company is committed to corporate governance standards, ensuring that information is provided transparently to individual and institutional investors in addition to shareholders on a regular basis. We also seek in our flexible and sustainable business model in Kinan International Company to shift our focus and business model to secondary development and building integrated small communities where we target through Our next plan Our next plan is to develop and build communities in the city of Riyadh in particular and the rest of the cities of the Kingdom in general. We will also continue our path in developing commercial centers to contribute effectively to improving and raising the quality and lifestyle. Our efforts continue to explore opportunities for expansion in the field of hospitality and the acquisition of more operational assets. In addition to developing commercial centers on leased lands within long-term contracts

The most prominent shareholders

Savola Group Company



Savola Group Company


AlQuds AlArabia Trading Company


Jarir Commercial Development Company

& Jarir Marketing Company

Al Bilad Bank Company




Kinan Company has three committees (Audit Committee, Bonus and Nominations Committee, and the Investment Committee). These committees support the Board of Directors in oversight and evaluation, also to study the important matters in detail to formulate recommendations or policies.

General assemblies