Achievements and awards

The company has made great strides in its path through the implementation of projects and their delivery to clients, which raised the company’s and its projects’ reliability to the level of honor and competition in more than one forum to win national and international awards and honors, which positively reflected on customer confidence in the company’s real estate and commercial products and the increase in the level of sales in subsequent periods of time.

Among these prizes include, but are not limited to:

Best housing project in Riyadh for the year 2012

Best real estate developer for the year 2012

Best real estate developer for the year 2013


Honored by the Ministry of Housing as the best housing project (Masharef Hills)

2012, 2013

Best Real Estate Developer Award


Achievement Award from Arabian Business magazine

2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021

Best work environment award in Saudi Arabia for consecutive years


Middle East Council of Centers Award for the reopening campaign for Roshan Mall, for the health campaign at Roshan Mall, and for the grand summer marketing campaign


Best Retail Project Award from Cityscape


Cityscape Best Mixed Use Project Award


Best Mall Decoration (Ramadan Decoration) from Asia’s Leading Malls Awards


Best Mall in Asia (Roshan Mall) Category (New Media, Digital Integration and Campaigns)


The best commercial complex in Asia and the Gulf (Al Azizia Mall, Alia Mall and Al Dana Mall)


Middle East and North Africa Gold Award for the digital marketing campaign category for Roshan Mall


Best work environment award in Asia among the top 10 destinations


Millennial BestWork Environment Award


Best work environment award for the nationals category