Dana Mall

Dana Mall

It is a specialized mall and commercial center in the industrial city of Yanbu. Since its inauguration in 2007, it has witnessed high demand by both customers and tenants, which led Kinan to expand the mall with a double space in 2014, given the major role of the industrial city of Yanbu in the economy of our beloved Kingdom. The location of the mall is considered a linking point between the residential city and Yanbu al Bahr, given that it overlooks King Abdul Aziz Road to Jeddah, which makes its location one of the most important features thereof.

Mall Space 44.000 m2
Rental Space 33.229 m2
Parking Capacity 2.200 Parking Lots
No. of visits 29.000 daily visitors

دانة مول كنان
  • Hyper Panda
  • Mango
  • SACO
  • Home Center
  • Red Tag

Yanbu, King Abdul Aziz Road, intersection of King Fahd Road.

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