Aliat Mall

Aliat Mall

It is a new addition to the singularity of the world of modern buildings in the city of Madina, due to its stunning
architecture and marvellous design, taking into account its location near the Prophet’s Mosque. It has witnessed
since its initial inception in 2007 high demand, and has become a popular destination for Umra pilgrims visiting
Madinah and for its residents, particularly as they found uniquness and world-class brands for the first time in Madinah.

Mall Space 92.548 m2
Rental Space 63.591 m
Parking Capacity 3.400 Parking Lots
No. of visits 50.000 daily visitors

كنان عالية مول

Main Tenants & Restaurants:

  • Hyper Panda
  • Saco
  • Extra
  • Home Center
  • Toys R US

Madinah, next to Qebaa Mosque.

T:+2011 849 14 966

F:+2088 849 14 966



Instgram: @aliat_mall

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