Al- Huwailat Center

Al-Huwailat Center

It is the first center to be established by Kinan Company in the industrial city of Al Jubail. It was inaugurated in the third quarter of 2008, considering that Al- Huwailat Center has been witnessing outstanding demand, as it efficiently serves the nearby residential districts to meet their daily needs.

  • Mall Space 15.024 m2
  • Rental Space 11.418 m2
  • Parking Capacity 430 Parking Lots
الحويلات سنتر كنان

Main Tenants & Restaurants:


  • Panda Supermarket
  • Jarir Bookstore
  • Apple bees restaurant
  • Fun land

The Industrial City of Al
Jubail, Huwailat District.

Tel: +966133407454

Fax: +966133407428